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The "Come & See" Discipleship Tool is meant for people who desire to live out God's call to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19,20). It is designed to promote discussion and discovery among two or three people who desire to know and experience Christ.  Life change occurs when we learn to hear God speak through His Word and Spirit and obey those things we hear.  Our hope is that this study will help this occur on a regular basis, for you and for the person you are meeting with.  Ultimately, the goal would be that you both would mature in your walk with Christ to the point where you are ready to invite someone else along on your journey of faith.


This tool is available to print as a complete booklet or by separate topics.  Each topic has additional recommended resources and illustrations that can be used to explore the subject further as desired.  We are continually updating our booklet and adding to the illustrations as our users give us feedback.  We encourage you to print off and use a new booklet each time you begin meeting with a fellow disciple.


The study topics print in either black and white or color and are formatted so you can punch holes in them and keep them in a 3-ring binder.  Each topic is 2 pages long and is meant to be copied front and back if you make multiple copies.  The full booklet download includes 2 blank pages so you can easily copy it on a printer using the 1-sided to 2-sided option.  The current version available on this site is the 2011 version.  Updates will be available in January of each year.  If you would like to order a hard copy of the full study, please send us an email.


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