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Go Therefore and Make Disciples

How To Begin Discipling Another Person

You are about to begin the greatest and most rewarding journey of your life— walking with someone as they mature into a disciple of Christ’s.  You are answering Jesus’ call that is for every follower to “go and make disciples."


The beauty of these relationships is that you will mature and be transformed right alongside the person with whom you are meeting.  You are inviting someone to join you in your brokenness as you learn to become a disciple yourself.  As you invest in the lives of others each year, you will continue to learn, grow and become a passionate follower of Christ.


1.  The Selection.

Prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to the one or two others He desires you to meet with.    As Christ invited His disciples to walk with Him, invite those He puts on your heart to join you on your journey to further discover Christ.

2.  The Structure.

Many folks prefer a one-on-one situation while others believe groups of three are more conducive to conversation. Groups of three potentially will feel less like a “teacher/student” relationship.  We have seen both scenarios work well depending on the people.

3.  The Invitation.

Make a covenant together to be committed to your weekly meeting time and to faithfully complete the agreed upon curriculum/material in advance.  Some prefer to put this covenant in writing while others make a verbal commitment to each other.  Think through how long you will meet together.  We suggest a year at which time you can both evaluate how it is going, look back at what God has done and plan your next steps for the future.

4.  The Investment.

Pray for your disciple daily.  Interact with him or her on a regular basis (beyond the once a week meeting).  This can be by phone, text or whenever possible in person.  Live life together.

5.  The Material.

Decide on a curriculum.  Discern what the person/people in your group need.  There are many possibilities on this website.  In the end, the curriculum is not as important as the relationship.


Key components of a good curriculum

  • Promotes great discussion concerning faith and life.
  • Incorporates the Word into each discussion (including some level of memorization).
  • Encourages listening to God and obedience to the things the Lord is showing and teaching each of you.
6.  Reproduction.

Always be praying for and working towards reproduction.  Each disciple is ultimately being trained to disciple/mentor another as soon as possible.  The goal would be that you would both eventually begin to disciple another person. You will not meet indefinitely but you will be committed to each other for life.  Hopefully, in the life of a disciple, this process will be repeated many times over.  Each time you will be better equipped to love and walk with the next person the Lord brings into your life.



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